School holidays!

Today we met up with Lucy and Ed who are both on half term.  We were worried that being half term it would be busy….but the wacky warehouse in Alderley was actually closed because it was half term!!!!!!!!  To me that makes no sense….why close a childs play centre during you busiest time???  There wasn’t a party on or any other event they just said they shut in the mornings during school holidays!!!???  So off we went to find another place which we did….

How similar do Caitlin and Lucy look in this picture??

And here is Caitlin and Noah playing on the small slide….

Although most of Caitlin’s time was spent playing on this slide which was as steep as it looks!!!  Loads of kids were too scared to go down it but fearless Caitlin just kept going down it!!!



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3 responses to “School holidays!

  1. how strange it that. Where did you end up?

  2. Vic

    That slide looks scary. Brave Caitlyn!


  3. byrney

    We went to another Wacky warehouse in Heald Green. I think its the waggon and horses pub but I could be wrong about that bit…

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