Mini Se7ens

Today we have been to Oulton Park to see the Mini Se7ens race.  It was a bit windy and cold and we forgot their coats so poor Noah spent most of the day in the pram with my jumper on!  He did get out to watch the minis race and also have a play on some cars carved out of a tree trunk, which was really cool.

We also had a wander through the pit lanes where Caitlin (who got the only coat we happened to have in the car but was still freezing!!) got to see the pink mini which she loved and also a kart….

These tiny cars were amazing and got up to speeds of 135mph on the track!!!!!!!!!!!  One crashed and was unrecognisable as a kart but apparently the guy was ok!  The owner of the kart above said Caitlin could sit in it but she was too shy!

Caitlin also loved this mini!  It is a Zcars mini with a motorbike engine in the back!  Combining her 2 great loves of minis and motorbikes!

Although the highlight of the day for Caitlin was watching 2CV’s race!! She has been talking about these since we set off for home!

Also while we were in the pit lanes they had a play on the podium…. We also have a photo from last year on the podium so you can compare how much they have grown…  We thought it was hard to get a pic last year with only Caitlin moving but this year was nearly impossible!!!!!

Today was very very windy and on the other side of the track a tree got blown down and crushed an Audi!  The owner had just got out and was very shocked to say the least!  Being nosey we decided to take a trip over… So we decided to drive, which according to our directions was just go out of the gate turn left and the entrance is along there.  We could see people over there so we assumed the entrance must be open, so we got to an entrance that was shut and thought we must just need to follow the track round a bit more….so we kept turning left keeping the track on our left!  After quite a while an no longer being able to see the track we assumed we must have gone wrong so we turned around…. Only to discover this………

LOADS of cows wandering down the road!!!!!!!!!!!  Ages and ages later we made it back to the track, only to discover everyone else was leaving so we left too!


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  1. that’s not like you at all- you’re always so well prepared! Looks like everyone had a great time.

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