Never assume!!!!!!!!!

I assumed that paints described as no mess, no stress would definitely be washable!!!!!!!  OH NO!!!!!!!!  They are brushless paints where you just dab the sponge on the end of the bottle and so I thought would be great and as they say less mess!!  I suppose they were less messy than regular brushes and pots….but Noah ate his a lot and got it all over his hands, and in his ear and on his cheeks etc!!!!!!!!!

This is them painting (and eating!)…..

Caitlin then decided to copy and put both of her hands in a big splodge of green and black.  No problem I thought, and packed the paint away and got some water to wash off the mess…..  HA no washing this paint off!!  So after gently scrubbing with a scouring pad (they were laughing so it can’t have hurt!!)….this is what resulted….

The photo doesn’t do it justice…Caitlin has green tinted arms and very green hands…she looks like the incredible hulk!!!!!!!  Well a very slim version!!!!


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