Yesterday we went shopping with Nanny and Amy, looking for swimming costumes to take on holiday!! Noah has virtually outgrown his before we even got it packed for last years holiday so he definitely needs a new one. Caitlin has had the same one all her life and it still fits, but Nanny insisted she needed a new one! So we chose a sun suit for Noah…but they didn’t have his size and a tankini set for Caitlin but surprise surprise they didn’t have her size either! So we have to go back again.

We went to the Trafford Centre and went to the new extension but a lot of things were still not finished, but it was still good. Here is Noah by the fountain …

Yesterday I was on my childminding course, which is going well, although I think the others think I am a swot since I got 9 out of 9 on the test and others only got around 5 out of 9…. Some of mine was down to luck since the questions are quite ambiguous.


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  1. give yourself more credit. We are talking about people who didn’t know their post code!

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