I’m going to pop!

I really really am!!!!!!!!!!  The house we really like has been reduced which makes it a lot more affordable.  Well when I say we I really mean me since Richard hasn’t seen it yet!  He was banned in order to make the vendors think we weren’t that interested so they’d reduce it…it appears to have worked!!!  I am sooo sooo excited I think I am going to pop!!  Now we just need to get ours on the market which seems like a major task at the moment!!

So thats it really…….



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2 responses to “I’m going to pop!

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that no one will want the house!!

  2. Vic

    Oh god! It’s so tense. I hope it stays on the market for you!

    Is there no way you can get yours on now???

    Good luck

    V x

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