Happy belated Birthday Noah!!!

Nan missed Noah’s birthday this year as Peter had just died.  So this morning we opened Noah’s birthday presents!  Nan had bought Noah a Thomas the Tank train set…..

Caitlin of course had to help open it…….

Then we set it up, and as you can see from the massive grin on Noah’s face it was a big success…

Then Nan did some reading with Caitlin before it was time for her to go home!

Yesterday Richard and his Mum took Caitlin and Noah plant shopping, there will be some photos of the plants as soon as they are planted!  Richard was supposed to be taking pics yesterday while I was at work but he forgot!!!!!!!!!!  We also went out for a drink which was good.

Caitlin has just been to wave Nan off at the train station….. Bye Nan hope you enjoyed your visit, I know we’ve all enjoyed seeing you!!  See you in a few weeks when we come down to yours.


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One response to “Happy belated Birthday Noah!!!

  1. as I’m typing this I can see Noah’s birthday gift bag! One of these days, hopefully before his next birthday, I’ll get the gift to Noah!!

    I love the way Caitlin’s hair is looking. Such a gorgeous color and the waves!! Can you tell I’m jealous?

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