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Blue planet

Today we went to Blue Planet aquarium with Nanny, Grandad and Amy.  Its a bit dark in there for photos so they’re not brilliant…  As usual Caitlin liked the fish but didn’t get too close, and certainly didn’t touch!!

 c.jpg       c2.jpg

Noah loved the fish, he went right up to the tanks and even tried to climb into one!!

 n.jpg      nintank.jpg      n2.jpg

 Then when we went to see the rays he stuck his hand in and splashed about then when a ray came near he touched it!!!


I had to make sure he didn’t stick his hand in the mouths of the other fish as they can nibble little fingers!!!


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Elvis is sick…

Poor Elvis broke down mid round-about on my way home today!  His timing belt has snapped which IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!  Potentially this means bent pistons and so a complete new engine!!  Richard will be lookig into it for me but in the mean time I am on foot/bus/begging lifts to work!!!!

The AA man did put down “mini Elvis” as the make and model though which I thought was funny!!!


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Another party for Noah…

Today my Mum had a party for Noah’s birthday.  There were lots of presents all based around Thomas the Tank Engine!!  And Caitlin did lots of helping to open them..


They both spent lots of time setting up the track and pushing the trains around…


Until it was time for food.   Noah seemed to like what was on everyone elses plates and worked his way around pinching bits like a little sparrow!!!!!

ng.jpg       nv.jpg

Then it was cake time!  The cake is supposed to be James from Thomas the Tank but with no grey he looks a bit red!!  But very good I think!! (Decorated by Richard!!!)


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