Its a miracle!!!!!!!

Today we have been to the farm open day at my work.  I’m not 100% sure what goes on at the farm on my works grounds and bearing in mind where I work its probably best not to spend a long time thinking about that aspect!!   Anyway every year staff are allowed to bring their kids on site for a visit so we did along with Nicola (who I work with) and Sophie (her 4yr old)…..

Normally Caitlin is scared to death of animals and this first picture is one of her being brave and getting close to them!!!  At first she wouldn’t even walk down the path between the stalls….


Noah on the other hand loves animals and is quite happy to stick his hands right into their mouths….


As we walked round Caitlin seemed to be getting braver, not sure if this was because of the influence of Noah and Sophie….


When we got to the part where they could hold the lambs I thought Caitlin would run a mile…. But no she actually held the lamb…..


Then when Noah had a hold, she was obviously enjoying seing the lambs so much she went and stroked Sophie’s lamb……

 cslamb.jpg      nlamb.jpg

So there you have it…in one hour she went from not even wanting to walk past their stalls to actually holding it! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. wow! looks like she had a great time.

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