Eureka we’re rubbish at painting!!

This week we’ve been busy painting (very badly!!) but managed to get time to go to Eureka…

We’ve been before and it was good but we didn’t get to see everything so we went back. We went with a few others including Abigail and Katie (or as Caitlin calls them AbooKatie) This time if you dressed as a dinosaur or an explorer then you got in for free so Caitlin and Noah are both dressed as explorers, although it just makes Caitlin look like a boy!!!

Caitlin enjoyed scanning her shopping in the minature supermarket and Noah was very pleased to have found a ready meal!!!!!

cscan.jpg nfood.jpg

Then we went to the part all about cars and engines where Caitlin practised changing a wheel!!


Then we went to a section for under 5’s where Noah made a friend….


When I tried to sit Caitlin next to the Cyote she screamed the place down and ran a mile!!

Then we went to the body section where Caitlin compared her teeth to the giant ones!!


We had a great day but were all knackered by the time we were done!! Then it was back to painting…we have discovered you can’t cover silk paint with matt paint!!!!!!!! If you do it seems to dry with loads of very fine cracks in it.  Lets just hope people view that wall in the dark!!!  Our neutralising is soooo slow (we are wishing we hadn’t painted every room in the house really wild colours needing 4 coats to cover up!!) lets just hope the house we like doesn’t get sold….


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  1. OMG I love that first photo of Noah! Squidge had a blast the last time we went there- really need to go back again soon.

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