Jodrell Bank

Today we went for a chippy dinner then to Jodrell bank with the mini club.  We went to Fosters chippy in Alderley Edge which was very expensive £5 for a kids cod, chips and peas with a drink….  But it was nice!  Then we went to Jodrell Bank.  We went in the 3D cinema which was good, all about a trip to Mars.  Only about 10 mins long which was about all Noah could take!!  Then we went outside to the telescope and to a “thing” where you speak quietly into it and the people at the other “thing” can hear you really clearly.   All in all Jodrell Bank was a bit dissapointing, not a lot to see really other than the telescope from a distance and the 3D film…..

Here’s Caitlin and Noah at the telescope….

 crdish.jpg             cndish.jpg

Oh yes I forgot there was also a gravity hole that you could throw balls into….



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