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Well educated or just brainwashed???

Yesterday we went on a mini run to Cheshire Oaks.  It was a strange place to go on a mini run but I love going to Cheshire Oaks so it was good.  One of the shops we went into was the animal shop..they sell clothes aimed at people like us who like camper vans and not dressing too smartly!!  Part of the display in the shop was a door hanging on the wall.  I asked Cailtin what the door was off… She instantly replied ‘amper van!  The people stood around were amazed she recognised it just from the door!! 

We didn’t buy anything too exciting really, just some more road for Caitlin’s road set (the one she is playing with in the photo of her lining cars up a few posts down) and a level crossing to join her road set and the train set Noah is getting for his birthday.  We were hoping to get Noah some shoes but they only had one pair in his size and they weren’t very nice…


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Houses and laughing!!

Yesterday we went to look around a house… We are contemplating moving, but personally I think I am going to struggle to find somewhere I’m willing to move to that’s even close to our budget!!

This is what we went to look at..

Which is a very nice house, lots of things going for it but I could list about 50 reasons why this house isn’t for me ranging from the really picky such as I wouldn’t have chosen those tiles in the bathroom and begrudge paying for the fact it has a brand new bathroom (that’s very neutral and not actually offensive) that I wouldn’t chose!!!… to just ridiculous like I didn’t like the houses at the end of the street…

Poor Richard has quite a search on his hands!!!!!!!!!  Oh or a lottery win!!!!!!!

Anyway here is Noah laughing hysterically cos Caitlin kept standing up and sitting down, he always find this funny and I’ve no idea why….


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Caitlin and Noah have never had pancakes before (well until today at nursery) so I made some for tea….  Noah wasn’t overly impressed and most of his went on the floor!  Caitlin ate a bit but I wouldn’t say it was up there with her favourite foods!!!!

c2.jpg        n4.jpg

 Our blog will probably get a bit sparse now I’m back at work and we’re not out and about doing things…

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Bridesmaid Caitlin….

Yeah yeah today was first day back at work but thats boring!!!!!!!!  They both had fun at nursery and came home filthy!!  And I think Noah was confused by the strange eating times…I mean who on earth has tea at 3.30pm????  Work was ok considering apart from making me very thirsty due to all the dehumidifiers!!

Over the weekend Caitlin was asked if she would like to be bridesmaid for Aunty Lalex!!!!  She (well ok me and Richard) immediately said yes.  Its not til May 09 but I’m sure as and when more details are confirmed we’ll be writing about it….  Assuming her dress isn’t a secret of course!!   Its just going to be Caitlin and Alex’s friend so hopefully Amanda will be able to keep a check on Caitlin!!!

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Singing and dancing!!

I have finally got a video clip of Noah walking!!! He is getting much much better at it and can now walk the length of our hallway. He also walks around holding Caitlins hand which is very cute.

Also while I was trying to get a video clip of him walking I managed to get one of them both dancing to the singing flower… I think its funny but I am biased!!

And finally today we have been playing cars..see how Caitlin is obsessionally lining them all up? Some people say I should be concerned by this behaviour, she does it with everything…food, books, crayons but most often cars! She just likes lines of things, all neat and orderly. God knows where she gets that from..certainly not me or Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

c1.jpg line.jpg

Noah however is happy to sit in a box or put a post box in his mouth!!!!

nf.jpg n3.jpg


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The world tiniest snowman!!

This morning we woke up (very late – thank you Noah!!) to a small amount of snow!!!  So we put on our wellies and millions of layers and off we went out into the garden to play!!


First we made a snowball to throw to Noah, then we decided to have a go at making a snowman!!  We’ve never had enough snow to make a snowman before, and I’m not sure we had enough this time since our snowman is possibly one of the tiniest snowmen!!!  Caitlin added twigs for arms and some “strawberries” for eyes.  The strawberries were just berries.. I hope in her confusion she doesn’t decide to eat them at any point!

 cs.jpg       n2.jpg

In this last photo you can just see a snowflake in the corner…..


As usual my photo’s aren’t quite right!!  Some worked ok but the ones with the best smiles etc were all an odd colour..wrong setting I’d guess but my 2 camera assistanst (Linda and Richard) aren’t here so blue-ish photo’s is all you’re getting!!!!

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Out to play

Since it was my last day as a free agent we met up with a couple of people at the soft play.  As usual Caitlin ran round and round playing with Oscar, they both seemed very excited to see each other and kept giving each other a little hug or kiss!!!

cn.jpg      all.jpg

We also ate there….. Now I remember why we don’t usually…its very expensive!!!  Then time for some more playing while Noah slept and then time for home!!!

 en.jpg       n.jpg

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