Kingvan’s home coming!!!

Tonight Kingvan finally made it to our house…..  Its too dark for new pics so here is an old pic taken when we got him!


Kingvan was modified when new by his owner who owned a sunbed company.  He had it extended so he could deliver the sunbeds.  He’s been off the road for years and years and my Mum and Dad gave him to us for a wedding present.  Spookily his number plate is our initials.


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2 responses to “Kingvan’s home coming!!!

  1. Vic

    ANOTHER ONE!!! I wonder when your collection will end?!!

    Now, Byrney, How many children could you fit in that eh? The mind boggles! 😉

    Welcome home Kingvan!!

    Vic x

  2. Hee Hee!! I was thinking she could fit at the very least another one. No reason not to add to the family now that transportation is sorted- quick tell Richard!

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