Noah’s birthday party

Today we had Noah’s birthday party. The theme was animals so Noah dressed up as a cheetah/leopard and Caitlin was a ladybird…  We think Noah looks a bit like a yeti!!!!!!!!!!!

 costume.jpg        yeti1.jpg

 We had lots of party food which Noah loved, but unfortunately eating it wore him out and he fell asleep in his marshmallow wafer…..


 He managed to get a new lease of life and we played pass the parcel…..


Then (eventually!!) I remembered to get his cake out and we all sang happy birthday.


It was a good day and Caitlin and Noah were exhausted by the end…..


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2 responses to “Noah’s birthday party

  1. Vic

    J and I had a great time. And Noah looked soooo cute!

    It was a good job O stayed at home. He threw up his lunch and spent the afternoon asleep!!

    He is fine now though. 🙂

    V x

  2. Sorry I missed the party!! Huge snow storm in Boston- 2+ hours sitting on the runway with the AC OFF!! Missed my connection in Amsterdam so needless to say I was very very late getting back into Manchester. I’m looking forward to seeing pics!

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