New shoes and Birthday

Today is Noah’s birthday…..  We started with a lie in as Noah was obviously tired (for once!!)

Then we opened Caitlins presents to Noah and also ours….


 Then we went to meet Nanny and Amy.  We went to buy Noah his first pair of shoes, he had his picture taken and is a size 4g.  Caitlin is currently a 4.5f so she is a bit bigger than him at the moment!!  Here he is testing out his new shoes on the “magic” floor in Wigan.


When you walk on the floor the picture of water ripples where you stand and fish come out to swim!!!

We  then went for some dinner and Noah got some more presents from Nanny and Amy….


For tea we had a little cake and after that some present from Alex……

 cake.jpg       ntea.jpg

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