Minis and Nanny’s birthday.

Today me and Richard went to a mini show in Staffordshire (without Caitlin and Noah!!). We went in the Pug which is cheating and no where near as much fun as going in a mini but Rich had planned to buy lots of parts for Kevout. The parts weren’t as cheap as we’d hoped so he hardly bought anything. Here are a few pics of some of the more unusual minis…

pink.jpg star.jpg
Personally the pink one is pretty horrible..way too pink and too “body-kitted”. The white one was dressed up as a Star Wars X Wing fighter. All of the club stands have to decorate their stands and minis and the best one wins prizes! Our club necver enters at this show because we’re just not artistic enough to compete with the likes of the Star Wars crew… There was also a mini dressed up as Princess Leah!!! Their stand was great!
After the mini show it was time to head up to Liverpool to collect Caitlin and Noah and wish Nanny a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I’d made a Caitlin friendly cake using Lindas recipe…(Thanks Linda its worked every time so far!!!) Caitlin helped Nanny to unwrap her presents and then Noah and Caitlin got stuck into the cake. Unfortunately my batteries died at just the wrong moment and I missed a golden opportunity to take a pic of Noah with his whole face in Nanny’s cake!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm…..

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