Slides and Kevout.

Today we went to head over heels for a play.  We all went because Richard had the day off for working in the middle of the night last night.

As usual Caitlin went around and around!!  Richard was quite surprised at how able and fast she is now, the last time he went somewhere like that with us was when Noah was born.  They’re not a weekend type of outing!!!!!!!  Here they both are on the slides, the second slide is Caitlins absolute favourite.

 bslide1.jpg      cslide1.jpg

 And here they both are playing on the little cars…..


And finally Caitlin sitting on top of the wind machine in the ball pit, proving her hair really has grown!!  And Noah doing some more standing!!

 cwind.jpg        nwall.jpg

After our morning outing Richard spent the rest of the day working on Kevout.  I realised I never write about the minis only the kids!!  Kevout is our poorly mini (lots of our minis are poorly!!) last July we took him for his MOT and he only failed on 3 things, some welding at the front, some more near the back and a wheel rubbing.  Richard ran out of time to fix these in time to take him to the wedding we were aiming for so he decided to strip him back a bit and fix him properly…  This is what lay beneath……….


 …Yes that is rust….and yes God knows how the car was held together…  For those who aern’t used to seeing minis in bits, you are looking from the front of the car to the far left of that photo is the hole for the door, the thing that looks like a vent is where the air vent feeds into the car and the engine belongs on the other side of the piece of metal on the right of the photo.  The wing was attached to the rust SOMEHOW????  So Richard will be busy a while fixing that lot!!  We’re off out on Sunday buying panels to replace them……



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2 responses to “Slides and Kevout.

  1. Vic

    I can’t make head not tail of that mini! Poor thing! I hope he (or is it she!) gets better soon!!!

    I can’t get over how alike C and N look like on the slide. Lovely.

    Vic x

  2. seeing them playing together like that makes me all broody-hmmm

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