HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well today is Christmas Day and WOW we have tonnes of pressies!!  It all started last night with Fifi pj’s for Caitlin and Lightening McQueen pj’s for Noah!!  Then Father Christmas arrived over night and left a big pile of presents for each of them!!

bpj.jpg      cpres.jpg

After we opened all of those which included the much wanted racey cars and books….  And also musical instruments, a mirror, clothes, a car transporter and a big road playmat for Noah.  And for Caitlin.. a doll, a dolls highchair, some dolls house accesories, clothes, beads and play food….  We left for Nanny’s house…..

For the uninitiated..Christmas dinner at my Mum’s is a bit of a mad affair!!!  And thats putting it mildly!  Today there were 18 of us for dinner…


This dinner included rescued turkey!!  My Mum had bought a chocolate fountain….wonderful you think…oh no my Dad managed to make it spray chocolate all over the kitchen, himself and the already sliced turkey while he was “fixing” it….  You can just see the left over lines of chocolate on this pic…I had washed the rest of it.  (No guests noticed!!!!!!!!!)

which means 18 lots of present swapping which is very hectic!!!!  Poor Noah (and my Mum’s cousin’s wife) who’s first Christmas/es (well 1st at my Mum’s for Michelle) were both over whelmed!!  Noah cried and Michelle was quiet!!  This time the presents included amongst lots of other things a drum, more cars, blocks, pj’s, a keyboard etc etc… I won’t go on too much…

 allpres.jpg    npres.jpg

So all in all a very hectic but great day!  With way too many presents, too much food and so much rubbish created we have filled both our normal wheelie bin and our “spare” bin!!!


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