Grandad’s birthday party

Well ok party might be a bit of an exaggeration but we went to visit Grandad for his birthday today.  We had a practice run for Christmas dinner in Nanny’s new house too.  There will be 18 people for Christmas dinner and as Nanny had never used the oven in her new house yet we tried it out.  It seemed very slow and so the roasties were a bit delayed but it all tasted good in the end.

After dinner we pulled some crackers and Noah won a moustache!!!


Then Caitlin and Noah posed under the Christmas tree…in their “deely boppers” (not really sure how you spell that!!!).


Then we gave Grandad his cake.  Noah made a grab for a football candle – good job it was out!!!!



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  1. Happy Birthday Grandad!!

    Too cute- Wal and I both laughed at the photo of Noah and his ‘stach! I love the deely boppers too.

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