Christmas party

Today was the Friday play group Christmas party. We all brought a few things to make up a party. Linda brought lots of things but the favourite was ginger bread lollypop’s. They had an iced penguin on the front which Caitlin ate all the way around, then ate that bit too.


Noah was dressed up as Father Christmas..he looked very cute. There was another Father Christmas there but Noah kept trying to roll over him so the photo isn’t brilliant.

nr.jpg n.jpg

Then tonight we tried to arrange a trip to the new real snow ski centre near us to see the real Father Christmas but there are no under 2’s allowed so we can’t go…well not unless we wait outside with Noah which is mean so we’ll go to see FC somewhere else….. Hopefully she’ll tell him what she wants! At the moment the conversations goes like this… What do you want from FC… “Toys” Anything else… “racey cars” Anything else… “books. And what does Noah want… “books and racey cars” This was all unprompted and amazingly is what we’ve got!!!!





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  1. I’m still soo bummed about not being able to go!

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