Elvis is famous!!!

A few months ago we went to the Gold Cup at Oulton Park with Spam in his mini Vinnie!  He knew that the Mini Cooper Register had a club stand there with parking nice and close to the track, so he told the first marshall he had forgotten his ticket/pass, to which he was told no pass no entry to the club stand.  Spam proceeded to drive towards the track skipping public parking.  I just kept waving out of my window that I was with him.  We met another marshall who again asked for our passes and again told us we couldn’t go that way….again Spam continued driving and I followed pretending I had no idea where I was going but was just following!!  We took our place on the Cooper Register stand right at the front and promptly ran away to watch the racing.  All the other cars were very old and all coopers (Elvis isn’t a cooper) and all VERY clean.  Anyway today Mini Magazine came out and who has pride of place in the photo of the write up of the club stand..only Elvis and Vinnie!!!!!!!!  Ooop’s…if we see some Coopers trying to run us off the road we know why!  I’ll post a photo of the article when it is in the shops, probably next week!!!


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  1. too funny- I look forward to seeing Elvis in print!!

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