Today we went to Eureka!! It was really good, but its not cheap. A 3 year old has to pay full adult price (£7.25) and 1 and 2 year olds have to pay £2.25, only Noah was free. We got there at 10am and finally had to admit defeat and not finish it at 3.30pm as we all needed to get home, plus all the kids were dropping!!  We’d gone with Gemma, Katie and Abigail and also Susannah and Hannah

There is loads to do, I’m sure Caitlin didn’t fully understand it all but she had a great time. I think her favourite was pretending to shop in the miniature M&S….


Or maybe it was sitting on the watch in the giant sized garden, or listening to high pitched noises in the sound section???

cmagpie.jpg c.jpg

Even Noah had a good time. He loved playing the the giant mouth from the body section. There we measured weight and height. Well we tried, Caitlin was too short for the height machine (until I stretched her up a bit) it thought she was zero metres high!!! And when I tried to weigh Noah he kept pressing against the sides and lightening the load!


Noah also like playing the spark plug game and taking a ride in the car with Caitlin. All the cars had mini steering wheels…cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!

nspark.jpg cncar.jpg

We also ate our dinner on an old train carriage which Caitlin has been talking about ever since!!


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  1. Looks like loads of fun- you’ll have to let me know next time you go!!!!

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