Weekend away…

We’ve been away to Nan’s for the weekend!!  We arrived on Friday afternoon where Noah ate his first proper meal in weeks I think he liked Nan’s cooking!!  (I had a sneaky taste and it was very nice)  We’ve got the recipe so we’ll be trying to recreate it soon.  Caitlin also had fun trying to teach Noah to climb the stairs, but I think he was a bit too heavy…


OnSaturday morning we went for a walk along the quay and then for a quick play in the playground.  We had to cut it short when Caitlin started turning a funny colour in the cold!

 cwall.jpg     n.jpg

 In the afternoon it was time for the celebrations to begin!!  Grandad and Grandma came over to join in and Nan had lots of nice nibbles out.  We managed to get through 6 bottles of champagne toasting the happy couple.  Caitlin managed to convince a few people to share their bubbly..well it was a special occasion!!

 ab.jpg           cchamp.jpg

 While Noah spent his time eating Grandma’s necklace and trying to teach Grandad to do high five!!

 ngr.jpg          ng.jpg

 On Sunday it was time to say goodbye and Noah had a last cuddle with Nan…




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