Lyme Park and Nandos

First thing this morning Noah played under the settee as usual! He can crawl backwards and normally if he hits a wall he just turns and then continues backwards, but once he gets under the settee he can’t turn and so stays playing until he gets bored….


This morning we went to Lyme park for a run around. Caitlin chased some horses and Noah balanced in a tree trunk!! Afterwards we played on the swings.

ntree.jpg cslide.jpg nswing.jpg

For tea we went to Nandos, where we discovered Noah REALLY REALLY doesn’t like peri peri! He got very upset and screamed for about 5 mins after he had a bit of chicken with the mildest sauce they do. He loved the frozen yoghurt and vegi burger though. Not sure about the lettuce!

nnan.jpg cnan.jpg



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